An Anniversary Tribute to the Story of Us

Great love stories have little to do with how long they’ve been going or how long they ultimately last. Great love is marked by passion, but it isn’t defined by it. And great love has very little to do with outward signs of commitment, ceremonies or our precious rituals.

All great love stories have three essential properties…

Great love is a cwtch. It creates space for vulnerability, doubt and pain to be safely expressed, soothed even healed.
Great love is generative. It is a catalyst for accepting, nurturing and unleashing our best, authentic self.
Great love is unbounded. Its contours are not determined by time, similarity, or cultural norms. Love thrives in couples, thruples and more. It defies dogma and laughs at authority. It will confound your expectations.

The true marker, the unassailable proof, of a great love story is simply the result of these essentials working their magic together.  To wit,

all great love increases our capacity to love
…to love ourselves
…to love others
…to love life
…to love love

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