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Love wins.

With hesitation and surprising strength, honeybee moved closer and clutched his right hand. She whispered, a faint crackle colors her normally confident tone, “I’m afraid of being the only crazy in love one.” His eyes smiled and heart opened. He … Continue reading

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“Freedom’s just another word for…”

(“…nothing left to lose.”  – for the 10 people who don’t know Kris Kristofferson’s iconic song). So, I woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to jump on my motorcycle and blast down the road.  Destination unknown.  Return? Undecided.  … Continue reading

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Washington Square Park

            It is a bit cool this day in Washington Square Park.  But infinitely warmer than yesterday, who’s cold wind and falling snow kept even the birds hiding.  Spring took a day off.  Despite the Fahrenheit reading, warm does not … Continue reading

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