have been in an ongoing battle with my ego over the last few weeks. Only problem was that I didn’t know it. A lot of uncertainty and tremendous change – both professionally and personally – are the driving factors. Seems like I started to get into self-protective mode; hurt avoidance maneuvers in full effect. My ego circling the proverbial wagons.

With this insight, I choose openness instead of argumentativeness, vulnerability in lieu of hubris, connection in place of… aloofness, and tenderness in the face of fear. These will be guiding my choices today, this moment.. right now…

So, you may see a tear fall with that hearty laugh. You may hear the voice crack for no apparent reason. A knowing glance may turn into a heart conversation at an inopportune moment. You may be asked for a hug or a kiss or a simple touch of the hand. All that and more are just signs of my choosing whole-self presence over ego.

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