truth hurts

And the boy who grew up
without a family came to
realize that family doesn’t mean
anything; at least, it doesn’t
mean what they say.

“Blood is thicker than water.”
What they don’t tell you…
blood is thickest
when you bleed.

I am not immune to pain,
he screamed.
See me. See ME.
I hurt.

I bleed.

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Come Back in the Morning, Bring Coffee

Overwhelmed and tired,
I couldn’t quite pull
the threads of my life
together. I was fresh out
of the strength


was holding on
for dear life.

Patience left
out the back door,
twenty minutes before
grief and despair arrived
with dinner.

They bought sandwiches.
I told them to come back
in the morning with coffee
and donuts

I let the day go and went to bed.

(Written in May, 2013 and left unpublished. I guess I just couldn’t on that day. Found and published today with trivial editing.)

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