Come Back in the Morning, Bring Coffee

Overwhelmed and tired,
I couldn’t quite pull
the threads of my life
together. I was fresh out
of the strength


was holding on
for dear life.

Patience left
out the back door.
Twenty minutes before
grief and despair arrived
with dinner.

They bought sandwiches.
I told them to come back
in the morning with coffee
and donuts

I let the day go and went to bed.



(Written in May, 2013 and left unpublished. I guess I just couldn’t on that day. Found and published today with trivial editing.)

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quantum entanglement at no distance

Sometimes words are not the thing
Direct joy that physical touch brings
Tight and
Quantum bonds break
So souls can interlace

Tears grow not from lack
but a love stack overlflow
Attuned and
Quantum entanglement
In the space of your embrace

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truth hurts

And the boy who grew up
without a family came to
realize that family doesn’t mean
anything; at least, it doesn’t
mean what they say.

“Blood is thicker than water.”
What they don’t tell you…
blood is thickest
when you bleed.

I am not immune to pain,
he screamed.
See me. See ME.
I hurt.

I bleed.

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